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Save our Trees







Music by Sharodin Song titled Save our Trees

Some of the trees in our community took root long before the houses were built in Jubilee Park.

To remove these trees and replace them with vacant geo-thermal fields and a 114 space concrete parking lot without thought and exploration of other solutions or actions that could save these carbon sinks is irresponsible.

April 22nd is a day nationally recognized as Earth Day It's devastating to learn that DISD's developers will uproot our healthy trees while the world is doing its best to reduce emissions and meet new climate change goals, DISD's decision seems irrational and could become a health hazard for the entire community

The amount of Oxygen and Carbon depends on the amount of trees and plants , so if they're uprooted and replaced with a concrete parking lot filled with oil discharge, toxic exhaust fumes and lifeless geo-thermal fields the effects could be harmful not only to our community but, the blue pearl of space (our mother earth )

Trees are the lung of our planet.

Thank you for listening and thank you for your continued support.

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