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Food, Fun and StopDISD

It's like waiting for Christmas and the day we've been waiting for has finally arrived.   Once again the Great State Fair of Texas filled the air with the smell of those famous Fletcher's corny dogs and the Killdares turned up their famous Celtic Rock beats. Lets not forget that energy filled evening parade.  
The Jubilee Park community members attended their second annual gathering wearing their new Rotten DISD T's It was a memorable occasion for all who attended as everyone enjoyed  the sites and sounds the fair had to offer.  In 2010 the Jubilee Park Community members were a big hit at the State Fair and once again the members were surrounded by curious fair goers wanting to learn more about these scary looking T's.   Fair goers were very supportive and once again the T's were a big hit at the fair.  
A big Thank you to everyone for your support and to Scorpion Printing for keeping up with the high order demands.

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