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Older American’s month clean up event


On Saturday, May 25th, over a dozen volunteers enthusiastically participated in our communities’ ongoing mission to revitalize our beloved community.

Many of you may be aware that this month of May is Older American’s month.  The event was an effort to honor and show appreciation to the contributions that our Seniors have made to our community.  Also, in an early Memorial Day tribute, and in the spirit of giving back, our goal was not only to help our Seniors but also to show respect by honoring all military men and women who deserve our support and recognition for their service.

Overnight storms dumped rain on the Jubilee Park community, but the event went on as scheduled and didn’t put a damper on the spirits of those participating in the 2nd annual cleanup event.  The event kicked off with dedicated neighbors and friends cleaning up litter and trash.  Volunteers walked 12 blocks picking up everything from pieces of paper, plastic bottles, branches, leaves and even an old tire.  Around 3:00 p.m., everyone gathered and bowed their heads as they held hands to hold a moment of remembrance and to reflect on the service that thousands of Veterans who have given to our great country.   Moments after the event wrapped up, the wind picked up and rain clouds moved in, the thunder rumbled and the rain picked up where it left off early that morning.  Thankfully, Mother Nature cooperated and provided the perfect weather scenario for our event.

Thanks to our loyal contributors, the Older American’s month event was a tremendous success!  Sponsoring this event were our friends at Vickery Wholesale Greenhouse and Acme Sign Co.   Also sponsoring this event was Rod Gibbons and Lisa Sherrod from Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson’s office, as well as the BC Workshop and Malone’s Grocery.  Their continued support, compassion and generosity helped us fulfill our dreams and goals for the neighborhood where we live, work and play.  Because of their generosity, we are making a difference in our Seniors’ and Veterans’ lives and recreating a stronger community for all of us.

I was privileged to witness volunteers young and old whose steadfast, energy, motivation and dedication enabled us to fulfill our mission.   Without their selfless acts of kindness our event would not be possible.  Thank you!

A big shout out to Shawn Busari who organized this event and who worked tireless hours, attending meetings and providing her ideas.  Ms. Busari transformed into a wonder woman going above and beyond to help make this event a success.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge and applaud the Seniors and Veterans affected by Dallas ISD’s continued actions.  Sadly, they continue to endure, in the name of progress, a path of daily dust, noise and destruction/construction all because of a new O.M. Roberts Elementary that DISD renovated, demolished and then voted to reconstruct even though it had voted to close it in January 2012.  This is only an example of the perpetual tailspin DISD brought to its community, specifically the Senior and Disabled Veteran residents.  We commend them and honor them today for their courage and strength.  It is amazing that they joined the volunteers and participated in every effort of the event even though they continue to endure destruction in their community.  They are the people who inspire us and we value the contributions that they have made to our beloved community.



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