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Earth Day 2013


Just last year, I awoke and looked out my kitchen window and gazed at a luscious green canopy filled with over 100 beautiful trees.  That was Earth Day 2012.  In the months that followed, little did I realize that was all about to change.  Many may be aware of the senseless destruction that continues in our community such as our newly renovated historical O.M. Roberts Elementary school that was targeted and then the adjoining community was uprooted for a parking lot and thermal fields.  Today, Earth Day 2013 livelihoods have been destroyed and our historical school, trees and homes are forever gone and you ask why? .. This senseless destruction continues for a brand new school, parking lot, thermal fields and sadly enough, the destruction continues at a time when teachers, custodians and principals are being dismissed.  Unfortunately, the destruction continues at a time when schools have closed their doors and when the world recognizes Earth Day as a time for preserving our beloved planet. Disappointingly Dallas ISD continues to fail in promoting April 22nd “Earth Day” as (Recycle, Reuse, Refurbish, Preserve) day.

Most believe that neighborhoods should be filled with houses, families and trees right?.  No, wrong.  Even thought Dallas ISD promised in October 2011 that our trees would be spared, shortly after Earth Day 2012 our DISD nightmare continued.  Dallas ISD’s workers began singling out historical trees marking each tree with a huge red “X’ even the protected trees received the giant glow in the dark “X”.   Some were planted when this East Dallas community was established in the early 1900’s.

This Earth Day the affected residents are dusting themselves off and rolling up their sleeves to plant new trees, they’re taking an open minded step to revive their beloved community.  One resident said “Trees play a crucial role as they provide us with healthy breathable air which will therefore make everyone healthier so, today we implore everyone to promote the love and wisdom of trees for a greener environment.”  Another resident said “We’re planting new trees, to do our part in saving what is left of our community.”  Each affected and/or spared resident that remains, received a new tree as a symbol of a brand new beginning.

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