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O.M. Roberts and its community destroyed


When Richard Strickland, a UNT student who exemplifies the values of achievement, commitment, determination and inspiration, heard about the abuse and injustice going on in Jubilee Park it was something that he just could not pretend was okay.  This remarkable young man was drawn into the cause and wasted little time in reaching out for more information.

When Richard learned about eminent domain and the displaced Jubilee Park resident’s stories he was perturbed and when he learned about Dallas ISD’s abuse and actions against the senior’s living a daily nightmare while their community was obliterated he was outraged and could not ignore his calling.  He tirelessly spearheaded his talents and various efforts to raise awareness and educate others about the injustice going on in Jubilee Park. Richard used the Jubilee Park/DISD crisis as his class assignment. Richard invited his fellow friends, students and teachers to get involved with his powerful presentation and video titled “People stand up to Injustice don’t ignore it.”  All in attendance at the presentation were infuriated with Dallas ISD’s actions and gave him a standing ovation raising him to the top of his class with a very impressive grade.

Richard lead the presentation with with honor, grace and integrity.  It is with utmost sincerity that we thank Richard Strickland for living his dreams and for all his efforts in raising awareness about the Jubilee Park/DISD crisis.  We have had the privilege to know him and look forward to working together in making taxpaying citizens aware of DISD’s unjust tactics.  It is our hope that other communities are spared this horrible experience.


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