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Vote NO!


Under the Medrano’s leadership, the American Dream turned into an American nightmare.  Even though millions were spent to renovate O.M. Roberts Elementary just a few short years ago, the Medranos supported and approved the demolition and destruction of the historical school and adjoining community for a parking lot.  This was done while architects and experts proved and provided alternate solutions that were available, avoiding destruction and dislodgement of families through the use of eminent domain.  Under their leadership, families, trees and homes were obliterated and, in order to defeat, deliberate and systematic tactics were practiced.  Their efforts to do everything they could to silence the opponents from speaking the truth of the abuse in Jubilee Park by creating tension, anger, dissent and confusion, Zulema Ortiz and Adam Medrano thrived on demonizing the affected taxpaying citizens who were only defending their property rights.

Could your community be next?  Protect the American Dream….Don’t let history repeat itself! Vote NO for Adam Medrano!

How, I ask you, can we trust an individual that voted to close schools to save tax dollars, and still moved forward with plans to destroy this community when he promised they would look into other options!?

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