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Goodbye O.M. Roberts ~ Video



Music performed by Silver Mount Zion, Song titled This might be my last.

O.M. Roberts was the heart of the neighborhood, which is why many were crushed by the schools board's decision to move forward with demolishing the school. The Jubilee Park community didn't want to give up their beloved neighborhood school and showed up in force at public meetings to voice their concerns. They gathered an overwhelmingly 1,600 petition signatures requesting for DISD to consider preservation of the historic O.M. Roberts or a site just seven blocks away. An alternate plan and solution was also provided by the BC workshop proposing building a new O.M. Roberts building alongside the old one with 3,200 square feet of parking so, there would be no need to expand parking lots into the surrounding neighborhood but, despite all the pleas for an alternate solution from local business owners and residents the district was steadfast on demolishing the school and neighborhood.

This is another chapter in the tragedy of America's disappearing historical schools. Progress used to incorporate the past around the present and the lack of care and interest our school district has demonstrated speaks volumes. It's sad to see this newly renovated building demolished due to its historical significance and connection with the community. O.M. Roberts was architecturally distinct and filled with character but, now a pile of rubble is all that remains of the historical school. This is why our local history, local business, and local traditions are very important one by one they are falling victim to the wrecking ball…almost daily. Whether it is a private home, business or the historic school building, it all should matter. Once it's gone, we can only lament its passing.


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