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Eminent Domination





Song performed by The Fenwicks. Song titled Preeminent Domain.

Destroying our neighborhood consisting of residents who have survived a great depression and multiple recessions only to pave a concrete wasteland and toxic geo-thermal fields in-between any remaining homes is NOT the best decision for our students or the community! An improved curriculum and better compensation for our teachers is what’s best for our students and community.

Our individual property rights must be strengthened. If DISD can take our property from us the rest of our rights are meaningless. For instance, what good is freedom of speech if the government can deprive us of our chosen shelter or place of business?

Anyone can become a victim of this nightmare called Eminent Domain. We the voters have the ultimate power to defend our freedoms and remove those who abuse power from office. Today’s headlines are tomorrow’s history we can learn from the past to affect our own futures.

Please contact your Dallas ISD Board Member, City Council Member and State Representative Eric Johnson to voice your concerns.

Thank you for your support

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