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Tomorrow, we will celebrate our country’s independence.  It’s a glorious day, a day filled with pride and honor, family and fireworks for many because they know we live in a nation where we strive to do the right thing and what is just.  For others like the residents affected by DISD’s tactics, they struggle with the reality of the daily nightmare they endure.  These are the survivors whose voices were silenced by Dallas ISD’s tactics, and yet their silence continues to speak volumes about the injustice suffered in this community.

This July 4th, we thank all those who have served our great county.  So, on this great day, our friends at StopDISD ask you to voice your concerns, please talk to your elected officials about the injustice suffered in Jubilee Park,  lets come together to declare our independence from a broken system filled with dishonest tactics and misuse of taxpayer funds.  This tragedy could happen to anyone!  It’s time we stand up to Dallas ISD and prevent this nightmare from ever happening again!

Thanks to each and every person who continues to stand by our side supporting our cause!


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