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Dallas ISD’s and Jubilee’s Children


Crayons and courage

At the four and a half -year anniversary of Jubilee Parks’ struggle against Dallas ISD’s eminent domain and encroachment battle, Shawn Busari, a community activist in the Jubilee Park community, was inspired by the affected children in her community so, she offered and encouraged the affected children the chance to express themselves through drawing artwork. Her goal was not to make masterpieces, but rather to have an understanding of how the crisis had affected the children.

“Like adults, sometimes what they’re feeling is not what they’re relaying” Busari said. “When children sketch and draw, they put all their feelings on that piece of construction paper.” I believe that individual-expression through the simple act of using crayons and paper is a natural form of communication that most children seldom resist.”

Children of all ages were eager to participate, and their drawings are a testament of the fear, anger, hope, and courage, they’ve endured and witnessed. Busari said she hoped that coloring, art and expression would empower the children to release their inner emotions and that it would be a means of cleansing to discharge all their fears for relief.

The children’s portraits of courage have touched the souls of everyone in the affected community enabling them to also help with overcoming their feelings about the issue. One resident said “It helps the community heal, grow, problem-solve more readily and find new ways of seeing through a child’s eyes.”

The ability to be creative was not a requirement because the splendor of art in any form is embraced. As we look back at the unpleasant memories caused by Dallas ISD and move forward with portraits of courage and hope the art of coloring and drawing is like therapy and has had beneficial effects to help the affected children and adults cope and reflect on the events that have taken place.

**Disclaimer** The views and opinions expressed on this channel are solely those of the original authors and other contributors who have experienced the issues dealing with Dallas ISD and Jubilee Center.

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