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DISD Trampled over Veteran’s rights


Today as we pause to salute and honor all men and women who have served and continue to serve and protect our great nation, we gratefully say thank you.

On this Veteran’s Day, words escape us as we have no explanation to give our veterans in the Jubilee Park community, nor can we explain why certain unnecessary destructive and aggressive events occurred in their neighborhood.

These veteran citizens who served to protect us, became victims to Dallas ISD’s bullying and takeover tactics.  One victim survived war only to lose his life after becoming homeless when DISD seized his home through eminent domain threats and another disabled veteran endured modern day racism by DISD’s representatives.  Lastly, another veteran who always thinks of others before himself, lost half of his property and has not received one cent in compensation.  DISD’s actions also damaged this veteran’s home during the O.M. Roberts destruction/construction project.  Today, the entity that teaches respect, integrity and honor refuses to take accountability for those damages.  We owe these veterans, and their families, a simple grace of saying thank you for their service, and Dallas ISD owes them an apology and accountability for all the unnecessary damage and pain these veterans have endured after years of service all as a result of Dallas ISD’s project.

 Bulldozing, Stomping and Trampling on the rights of our veterans is wrong!


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