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DISD’s shadow over Jubilee Park


Christmas is in the air!

The holiday season should be a time of joy and hope for all.  But the truth is it’s tough to have hope when you and your family are faced with the thought of having to brace for another cold harsh winter due to damages caused to your home by an entity that promotes honesty, transparency, authenticity, accountability and integrity.  For Mr. and Mrs. Lozano they know exactly how that feels being the survivors of DISD’s destruction/construction plan when Dallas ISD intruded into their quite community wreaking havoc a few years ago.  Today, in the aftermath of Dallas ISD’s activities these senior citizens home is left with cracked walls, a damaged foundation, a gap in the floor and broken windows just to name a few.  Disappointingly, DISD refuses to acknowledge the damages dismissing any responsibility for their negligent actions.  It’s shielding itself under the sovereign immunity umbrella. The cold hard fact is that written in the Texas Tort Act it states that sovereign immunity is waived for claims arising from property damage i.e., the use of motor-driven equipment such as bulldozers making DISD legally answerable to damages caused to Mr. Lozano’s home.

As many may recall that in 2011 and 2012 the affected community voiced their concerns over DISD’s encroachment plan that would leave a negative impact in the neighborhood.  With a caring heart architects and experts provided DISD with alternate ideas and solutions that would prevent encroachment.  Sadly, we witnessed DISD refusing to acknowledge the suggestions as they moved forward with their plan to encroach and destroy this community, even threatening the Mayor of Dallas with a lawsuit if their plan was not approved.

It was early one morning, when Mr. Lozano was enjoying breakfast while chatting with his wife and daughter when the table started vibrating.  The door and windows rattled,  when suddenly a thunderous noise erupted and the foundation trembled making the roof creak. Frozen and petrified, they had never experienced anything like this before. Then they heard a deep hum and rumbling under the house as if the earth was breaking apart. It felt like a freight train was coming towards their home. They were shocked and frightened and were not sure if it was safe to stay inside the house. So, they quickly ran outside to discover massive bulldozers and machinery right outside their door.  The mini earthquakes produced by the destruction/construction, loud roar, rumble and vibration grew in intensity, lingering on for months and years resulting in tremendous stress towards their heath and home.

As you can see from the events that occurred above, along with Mr. and Mrs. Lozano’s struggles to save their home from DISD’s eminent domain threats, and now currently faced with damages to their home the last  five years have been an unbelievable and very difficult journey for this couple.   And let’s not forget those three little words that were part of a letter sent to the community informing them that the district was not seizing their property with the use of eminent domain“ at this time”.  DISD’s Eminent Domain Shadow still lingers on.

In one’s opinion,  these actions are similar to the school bully that takes your lunch money but is immune to consequences and without fear of repercussion. No one could have imagined writing a novel that played out this Dallas ISD story about a my family who was only defending their rights.  In the beginning, it started out with the District asking us to “Trust Them.”   Now, in the end, it is hard to brush aside tears as the District has not made good on that “Trust US” promise.  Instead of that lunch money being taken, the District has robbed us of that trust, respect and pride of being a DISD alumni.  For Mr. and Mrs. Lozano who are now abiding strength and hope to endure that one day their broken hearts and damaged home will prevail over this irreversible story which was a result of “DISD’s established vision.”

As this year draws to a close, we look back with disappointment towards an entity that recommended “power words,” “acknowledgment phrases” and “headlines” to its principals.  such as: “The vision has been established and the district will work systematically with the community and parents…” and “We are all about improving our image and reputation as a school district and community”  .  I would like to believe that you will disagree with the actions of DISD and its bullying efforts against my parents.  As you know, many were outraged by the millions already spent by DISD to expand and renovate O.M. Roberts Elementary only to destroy it a short while later to build a brand new facility while other schools closed their doors and teachers and custodians were given the pink slip.


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