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Something sinister at the heart of DISD


In the aftermath of DISD’s vision, our world as we know it in Jubilee Park is in a state of destruction and confusion.  Welcome to our neighborhood: No Safe Haven for preservation or history.  A terrifyingly twisted plan inspired DISD to seize, conquer and destroy a community.  Beyond our world lies a further dark realm of unknown behind the curtain of corruption where the district works closely with their sinister partners the City of big D and Jubilee. . For the community, it’s a nightmare journey that continues knocking at their doorstep.  It’s like an evil genius devising more deviously clever ways to dispatch their plans to further destroy and gentrify a community with that evil potion called eminent domain.

If you are not careful you could easily become a victim of eminent domain or gentrification.  So grab a lantern and learn about the horrors in Jubilee Park then crawl under the blankets and let others know to be very afraid! Then remember, when you are out and about celebrating this Halloween, that some monsters don’t wear costumes.

Once again a Big Thank you to Jake Ewing creator of The Halloween Horror.  His comic strip recreated some authentic depictions and experiences that are true to the crisis for those affected by DISD’s disastrous actions.  For those who experienced DISD’s actions the true terror was not the content of the comic books and/or artwork produced by area artist but watching their friends vanish while their land was seized and stolen by an entity that promotes honesty and integrity.

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