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Divided and Destroyed Thanks to DISD and Jubilee


Soon, the 4-1/2 year conflict over the O.M. Roberts Elementary project, and lingering concerns for the affected community, will be supplanted by the hype and celebration over the new massive O.M. Roberts Elementary school.

For the dislodged residents affected by eminent domain and for those whose homes were taken for the satellite parking lot, now face symptoms of exhaustion and disappointment and many are still trying to reclaim their lives.  Some residents have resettled blocks or miles away.  Sadly some were left homeless and one resident lost his life because he had no place to go.  Others, especially those living in the shadow of the new mega school, wonder if they can ever disentangle themselves from the ominous memories.

No one could have imagined writing a novel that played out this Dallas ISD story and how, in the beginning, it started out with compassionate citizens and a courageous community who united hand in hand to fight for right and wrong.  Now, as the end draws near, it is hard to brush aside the tears and faded memories of grand trees that once stood so tall and the vibrant homes where families once lived for generations.  Now, abiding strength and hope endures that one day the sun will rise over the devastated homes of the surviving community who are left with only remnants of an isolated and abandoned community as the result of Dallas ISD’s established vision.  This tragedy could happen at any time to anyone’s community, but it didn’t have to be this way.


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