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They paved paradise…


As dawn broke through the huge canopy of trees in the Jubilee Park community, Dallas ISD’s mission to raze protected trees, and consume land for a parking lot and geo-thermal fields began.   The ruckus made for quite a spectacle, first, our designated trees that survived the winter’s ice, spring’s blossoms and summer’s wrath were boldly marked with a big red “X” likely meaning the tree was ready for the axe. 



The curious squirrels, beautiful birds and butterflies were no where to be seen as if they could sense imminent danger was looming.  Then a huge yellow bulldozer shook the ground as it lurched forward, spewing smoke from its exhaust and began scraping, yanking and violently uprooting the smaller trees. The massive trees trembled, but wouldn’t budge bits of bark rained down, followed by the exquisite green leaves.  Then the bulldozer roared louder, as it rammed the trees with stubborn determination creating an eruption of sound when the wood split and exploded. The trees began to fall exposing their massive roots that took root in the community long before the houses were built in Jubilee Park. The trees were the very foundation to our community and the reason we moved to the neighborhood.  Arborists confirm that the loss of these trees will have a very detrimental effect on our quality of life.

Residents of the affected community stood gazed in-between their homes as the tears began welling up in their eyes at the utter destruction and loss of their community, historical trees and serene surroundings.  One resident, began to sing softly as they wept, “…They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot,” quieting the others into reflection of all the memories and benefits they received from the trees.  The improved air quality, decreased demand for energy in these 100 degree plus days, and an increase in property values are now lost.

While some might just say that it is okay to cut down the trees for a parking lot, others in the affected community voiced their opinions saying that the trees were worth saving as it was a shame to see such majestic specimens disappear.

As of today, more so then ever, going green is incredibly important. Do geo-thermal fields trump mother natures green healthy trees?  Architects and geo-thermal experts believe that solutions to utilize the best of both were available.  For the few spared trees, case studies clearly determine that trees need soil to reach their potential environmental and economic benefits not steel and concrete.  Longtime resident Ricky Loftis said, “this is a sacrilege of the lowest order as I recall this was a vibrant neighborhood 50 years ago filled with big beautiful trees but now it all has been obliterated.”  “The district came in and decided that the affected people who live and work here needed a parking lot and geo-thermal fields in-between their homes more than trees, homes and families.”

The affected residents are very passionate about their cause because it is their very livelihoods that are at stake.  They want the best education and safest environment for their children and do support DISD.  However, their community, trees and the quality of life in their neighborhood should not have been needlessly compromised in an effort to build a mega O.M. Roberts school and parking lot.






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