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Thelma Richardson Elementary will be in the Danger Zone!


DISD.I.S.D. moves forward with constructing

Thelma Richardson Elementary located on BRUTON Rd.


Construction begins May 2012


·        Bruton Rd. is an extremely DANGEROUS Road! 

            Many severe accidents occur on Bruton Road.

            Would you want any child to cross at Jim Miller or Hillburn Rd.?   

·        Three alleys surrounding the school are extremely DANGEROUS!

             Would you want your children walking through adjoining alleys with cars coming in and out? 

·         850 DISD Students + 200 Bethany Baptist Students = DANGER!

          Would you want your child lost in a sea of 1100 young children in lots of traffic?

·        A 69 Automobile drop off driveway is extremely DANGEROUS!

           The driveway is too small. Would you want to park on Bruton Road to drop off your child?

·        DISD’s tiny traffic zone is more like a DANGER ZONE!

·        DISD’s traffic plan doesn’t make sense!

Don’t like the plan?

Stand up and take Action!

Contact Council Member Carraway at 214-670-0781 TODAY!

Voice your opinions! Voice your concerns and tell him:

Get our children out of danger! Add on to other schools or move it!

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