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Justice 4 Jubilee

Prolific MC Performs Justice for Jubilee.

Prolific MC is a dedicated artist who has influential music and carries an influential message, spreading valuable information throughout the metroplex.  He is not only an artist but a messenger who is committed to vocalizing the injustice going on at Jubilee Park, a community that has fallen victim to DISD's eminent domain and gentrification plan.  As we are a generation thirsty for truth and fairness, Prolific MC provides us with the raw and troublesome reality of our crisis through the use of his music.
We invite you to join the movement and help make a stand in defending the Jubilee Park Community against DISD, the City of Big D and the Center at Jubilee.  We want our message to grow and welcome all musicians and artists to join us.  If you have a tune or artwork that you believe can help make a difference for communities like Jubilee Park against eminent domain and gentrification, please contact us at and share your creations with us for possible inclusion on our website.
Thanks for checking us out and we hope you come back often to check our updates

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