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The Quite Enemy that wants to steal Christmas


The Holidays are upon us and many of you may have noticed a change in the East Dallas area not much to celebrate for some local residents.  New Town homes popping up all over the place…the City of Dallas has a Master plan and that plan is not good for the residents of Jubilee Park. 

The Master Plan seems to cater to Developers and Newcomers.  Sad to believe but, a charitable organization called Jubilee Center has turned a deaf ear to our cries for help. 

This Christmas instead of helping the community Jubilee Center stands by DISD this silent enemy is stealing the homes of the voters and taxpayers residing in the Jubilee Park area for minimal compensation only to demolish the homes to put in parking lots and or playgrounds in-between the remaining homes.

 Neighborhoods consists of homes not parking lots!  This Master plan will cause Gentrification.   DISD, with the help of Jubilee Center and developers will remove the low income and working class families for parkin lots now – Town homes later. 

 We can’t let them walk over us.  Don’t run away.  It’s happening all over Dallas.  If this is happening in your community join us and Let’s stand and FIGHT for our communities together.   We can Win-Yes WE CAN!  Join us come to our protest and be a block representative. 

DISD is bullying our community and we will not tolerate this!  DISD wants  us to go away.  DISD doesn’t want the publicity and is working behind the scenes to steal our land.    Again DISD is wasting our tax dollars instead of providing better education for our children and better compensation for our teachers but, we will make sure the public is informed!  

Let’s support our communities and don’t sell out!  DISD lied once, twice and now a third time!  It’s time for us to stop the madness!

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