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The Municipal Monster Christmas Edition


Comic by Jake Ewing new Christmas edition Save the entire Jubilee Park neighborhood comic

A Huge thanks to Jake Ewing of Awesome Comics

When the Jubilee Park Community set into motion to begin their battle against DISD's evil forces, they knew that the wizard behind the pencil could make a difference.  In his new comic book, Jake Ewing an innovative and devoted artists proves that comic books can create a movement.  As Jake learned about the Jubilee Park crisis he transformed his visual story-telling and created the dastardly super-villain "The Municipal Monster" painting DISD as an agenda-driven hell-bent on demolishing a school and community.  In the latest Christmas edition "Jubilee Park's Christmas Nightmare" readers can become the heroes as they are encouraged to have a "cooperative spirit" influencing readers young and old to get involved and stand up  to help bring justice  to Jubilee Park.  Comic books are light and entertaining, for people of all ages but, Jake Ewing's passion for educating readers about real life crisis' with the use of nontraditional comic books is fascinating for those of us seeking to better the world, and provides a boost of inspiration for seasonal activist and other quiet agents of world change.


You can help the Jubilee Park Community in many ways. First you can contact your local DISD representative by calling or writing to express your concerns.. You can also show your support by  joining us each month to demonstrate against DISD and if you are a talented artist and believe you can help make a difference for communities like Jubilee Park, please contact us at and share your creations with us for possible inclusion on our website.  Lastly, you can join our movement and  help make a difference for many generations to come.

 Thanks for checking us out and we hope you come back often to check our updates! 

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