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The Endangered Neighborhood and DISD


Stop DISD's Land Grab For Our Neighborhood

DISD’s eminent domain target area consists of Philip Avenue, Gurley Avenue and the Vickery Whole Sale Property.

Eminent domain proceedings have been filed by DISD against numerous home owners and the Vickery Wholesale Greenhouse concerning the new O.M. Roberts Elementary school on East Grand Avenue.

Although O.M. Roberts Elementary recently underwent a renovation for 2.6 million dollars, we are being told that the school will be torn down in its entirety so that a new school could be built.  The residents strongly disagree with that DISD’s construction plan is a sound investment or in the best interest of the community.  DISD’s eminent domain target area consists of Philip Avenue, Barry Avenue, Gurley Avenue and the Vickery Wholesale Greenhouse (our neighborhood)

The dream of almost every American family is to own a home.  The families sitting bull’s eye to DISD’s eminent domain lawsuit sacrificed, struggled and played by the rules to achieve that American dream.  

These families do not want to sell their homes.  DISD is using the guise of eminent domain to take from these families what they have worked so hard to achieve. 

The only thing DISD has shown to its taxpayers so far is that it has no compassion for the future of these community residents or the future of our children.

But what DISD did not prepare itself for is our response to its shoddy plan, and we say, “No!”  We will remind DISD every day until we win that we are a strong and proud community, consisting of residents who have survived a great depression, multiple recessions, and various forms of racism.  We have residents who have proudly walked to Washington, D.C. to fight for their beliefs and to hold onto their rights and others who have served our great country.  

If DISD succeeds, some of these residents will become homeless, the Vickery Whole Sale will be forced to close its doors after 58 years of doing business in East Dallas and the Vickery’s employees will become another number among the unemployed.

It is because of these families and the strength and sacrifice of our neighbors and friends that we remain bound together to fight for our community and against eminent domain.

Please help STOP DISD’s LAND GRAB and contact Ms. Bernadette Nutall at 972-925-3721


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