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Something wicked lurks in Jubilee Park….


It’s Halloween!  With it come hundreds of tiny cute witches and goblins out on Halloween Night!  But, some not so cute Dallas ISD’s  Hocus Pocus may be on the repeat, there’s scary stuff going on at Dallas ISD.  It may not be the same as witches and ghosts, but just imagine something more scarier than the idea of losing your home and all because Dallas ISD chooses to waste your tax dollars.

For years we’ve been fighting against DISD’s true terrors – everything from their frightening eminent domain and bullying tactics to what remains of our treeless checkerboard community.

What better time than Halloween to howl about DISD’s eminent domain shadow that lurks in this community these horrors are faced every day by the affected residents in Jubilee Park.

Thank you for your activism and support

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