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Destination 2020


In 2009, the Dallas Independent School District filed eminent domain proceedings against home owners in the North Texas neighborhood of Jubilee Park. DISD demolished the historical, newly-expanded and restored O.M. Roberts Elementary school to start over with a brand new mega school, quickly setting out to seize the adjacent lands. Poised to unleash its own brand of domestic terrorism on the soil of the residents what followed was a maelstrom of torment for residents and surrounding business owners. In the end, veterans, elderly and the disabled were forced from their homes, given only the lowest market value in exchange. Their homes were destroyed and the quiet neighborhood and its once proud trees reduced to a checkerboard of homes, parking lots and geothermal fields.  Even though other solutions were presented and/or suggested by Architects, an arborist, city officials and geothermal specialist, to no avail, millions of taxpayer’s dollars were blatantly wasted all while DISD’s financial crisis was spiraling out of control..  This is a true story of years of harassment and abuse faced by the citizens of Jubilee Park who were exposed to the gross misuse of eminent domain powers by Dallas ISD. This story is important to everyone. As no one is safe from eminent domain or Dallas ISD’s bullying ethics, we must all learn the dangers and consequences such far reaching powers can have. Spirits have been shaken, hearts have been broken as the pursuit of justice, peace and tranquility became elusive. This real life story has left many tearful, angry and ready to take action.  Everything changes.  It is the way of the world.  The old must give way to the new, but as this story reminds us, there is a difference between standing in the way of progress and standing up against tyranny…

Song titled We’ve been waiting by Alli Rogers
** I do not claim ownership to this song in any way, shape, or form. This song is copyright of Alli Rogers.

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