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Jubilee Park Residents reach out to Homeless Veterans


It was a glorious November day when friends, relatives, and their pets, gathered to plan little acts of kindness such as giving back and honoring our Veterans for their courage.   In June, Miss Claudia Lozano began collecting various items such as healthy snacks, easy to open canned vegetables, soups, peanut butter, crackers and dried fruit to distribute to homeless Veterans in the Jubilee Park area.

Miss Lozano said “Sadly, the number of Vets becoming homeless is increasing”. “I want our heroes to know that we believe in them and that there is always hope for whatever situation they may encounter .  This event is an easy way to help, and it’s very rewarding for everyone involved.”  “We enjoy putting the items together and fully embrace the challenge of bringing a little bit of warmth and appreciation to the men and women who don’t have much.”

This Holiday Season may be though for some of us,  but no matter how difficult it may become, there’s always a person out there who has it worse.  It’s amazing how a simple act of listening to a Vet helps us appreciate the true meaning of courage, challenge and struggle.  Many want to help our heroes, but they don’t always know what can be done.  So, as we take time to give thanks for the abundant blessings in our lives, I encourage everyone to join in the movement.  Gather your friends and family and show your appreciation for the men and women who have protected our country.  Please stand united with our Veterans and help the homeless Vets in your community. This Veteran’s day and beyond, host a can food drive, blanket drive or gift card drive to hand out to homeless Vets.   You can donate the items to your local Veterans shelter or you too can begin a community event and help the homeless Vets in your area.

One by one we can make a difference and together we can fulfill the dream of helping those whose generosity of giving of themselves continues to give us the gift of freedom.

Warmest Regards,

Norma Hernandez

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