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I-30 Connecting Dallas Project


Dallas is a thriving and prosperous city and our surrounding highways are expanding as well to accommodate the growing traffic. 

As our highways expand, one highway in particular is at the forefront of the mounting pressure caused by bottleneck traffic and therefore has already received approval for expansion – I-30 R.L. Thornton. 

However, due to a temporary lack of  funds, the I-30 Connecting Dallas project is on hold but will become a reality in the near future when in 5–10 years the expansion will become a reality for Dallas and its neighbors of East Dallas.

Because of the pending highway expansion, the residents of East Dallas are concerned with the building site DISD has chosen for its proposed new school. 

Thus, if DISD is successful in its eminent domain battle, it will then knowingly construct a new elementary school neighboring a very busy, super highway that will in effect create a dangerous setting for the Pre-K to fifth grade children attending that new school, as the diagram below can demonstrate.

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