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Alternate Sites


I-30 ProjectIf a new school is proven to be necessary, DISD has an alternate site it can consider but it has so far refused to seriously discuss the issue of an alternate location.

We feel very strongly that Fannie C. Harris, located at 4212 East Grand, would be a far safer location for DISD to construct a new school, as well as a more economical solution for its taxpayers.  For example, DISD already owns the property and there is plenty of acreage available for a new school.  Not only would utilizing the Fannie C. Harris site prove to be a better value for our tax dollars, it would also provide a safer environment for our school children and eliminate the need to dislodge families and businesses through the use of eminent domain.

It is not too late for DISD to reconsider its site plans, especially since its current plan does not break ground until August 2012.  We believe it would be prudent for DISD to seriously consider the alternate site proposed by the residents of East Dallas.

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