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DISD Won’t Tell



What DISD won't tell the voters and taxpayers is that while they fire our teachers and close great schools they move forward stealing land to put in parking lots in between homes in the Jubilee Park community.

 Really…do we need these parking lots / playgrounds during this budget fiasco?

DISD won't mention that some schools like O.M. Roberts Elementary were recently renovated with our tax dollars and now will be demolished just because DISD says so!

 Wow  Brand new schools…and no teachers to teach…great thinking DISD.

 Use Bond dollars for better education not destruction of renovated schools and neighborhoods! 

Listen everyone this is real! Our tax dollars are being wasted on these parking lots and land grab projects. DISD is determined to steal land in the Jubilee Park community and why you ask.. well this is a land development deal  not an education deal.

 We must demand transparency! DISD must focus on better education, better compensation for our teachers and preservation of schools and neighborhoods!

This is happening to the Jubilee Park community today….tomorrow it might be yours.

DISD is ignoring your concerns by continuing to waste your tax dollars on parking lots, playgrounds and everything except better education.

 We are the voters…we are the taxpayers! It’s time for them to start listening!

Danger, Danger Dallas ISD lies, cheats, steals and conceals all their dirty deals no newsreels to reveal so surreal.

Their stealin' and being sneaky boy it's been creepy! It can make you dizzy and sleepy but, we got them up in a tizzy. See they have a heart of stone, and won't leave us alone invading our schools and homes!

Join the movement and make a difference for many generations to come.

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