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Neighborhood Stops DISD

White Rock Lake Weekly
Letters to the Editor
Dear Nancy,
The Jubilee Park community members who have been embattled in DISD's eminent domain proceedings for over a year reached out to State Representative Eric Johnson to help with their crisis.  State Representative Johnson didn't waste any time and, on October 29, 2010, sent a letter to DISD demanding answers about its plans for the O.M. Roberts Elementary School and its surrounding neighborhood.   
As a result of Mr. Johnson's inquiry, we are pleased to report that on November 3, 2010, DISD informed Mr. Johnson that it will be dismissing the pending eminent domain lawsuits and will stop its pursuit of purchasing the remaining properties.  Although DISD has never revealed its plans for the property, we are overjoyed with the newsOur neighborhood has been told over and over again that we would never win against DISD but we have always believed that it is possible for a small group of committed people to take on a giant and win.
We are eternally grateful and very fortunate to have had the steadfast compassion and support of Mike McKool and Sam Baxter from McKool Smith and State Representative Eric Johnson.  Words cannot express our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped us win this fight against eminent domain.

Best Regards,
Norma Hernandez  
On behalf of the Community Members against Eminent Domain

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