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DISD is gonna get you!



This October, millions of Americans are going to watch horror movies and read horror stories because they enjoy being frightened.

Well, if you really want to be scared, you should just check out the real horror story unfolding right before our eyes – the East Dallas Neighborhood known as Jubilee Park is facing a very horrendous battle.    Faced with the senseless destruction of their neighborhood, Eminent Domain creeps into their community.   Seniors, Veterans, and disabled residents are brought together as a known evil terrorizes their neighborhood, but DISD believes Eminent Domain is not a nuisance, and that it is a necessary evil to destroy and conquer this community for a parking lot.

This dark cloud hovering over Jubilee Park known as DISD’s Eminent Domain Plan must be STOPPED!  It’s time for the voters and tax payers to stand up and terminate DISD’s dark side of Eminent Domain we must come forward before the Horror in Jubilee Park creeps into the rest of the city. 

Please contact your DISD Board member at 972-925-3700 and voice your concerns.

Thank you for your support

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