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DISD’s Land Grab Project Over?


According to DISD their Jubilee Park Land Grab project was over…

..but, was it really over?

 In September Michael Hinojosa informed the citizens of Dallas he was here to stay.  He also said  that he wasn’t looking for another job.  Obviously a lie.  So, in November DISD sent letters to the citizens of Jubilee Park and informed the media that they wouldn’t be using Eminent Domain to seize properties They told the residents “We don’t need you’re your land anymore”.  Another blatant lie.  

 For months the Jubilee Park Community protested, stood their ground and pushed back.   DISD didn't like all the attention and informed the media and homeowners in August 2010 and November 2010 that they were backing off but, soon after those  letters were sent the bulldozers started to roll in.  Imagine the surprise of watching your neighbor’s house come crashing down and then observing the simultaneous demolition of similar houses in the Jubilee Park area all for parking lots in-between homes.  At least that is what DISD informs but, we all know about those nice little town homes that are penciled into the plans.

 The much beloved Jubilee Park community now appears to face an uncertain fate.  DISD officials refuse to be transparent and will not give assurance that the community will be safe from future demolition or any eminent domain plans.

 Let's rewind back to March 2010 and take a look at how this all started…DISD slithered their way into the Jubilee Park Community and with the help of Eminent domain they seized the homes of innocent victims for the new O.M. Roberts Elementary but, failed to mention that DISD spent millions renovating the school only to turn around and destroy it.  At the urging of the Community for DISD to re-think and re-observe their twisted plans DISD put a six month moratorium on their Land Grab proceedings and told the citizens Trust US  We need to make the best decision for our students, as well as for the community.”

No sooner had the  moratorium begun when DISD hid behind the curtain of corruption and chose to bully their way to achieve their goal to gentrify this humble community.   Instead of being transparent and honoring their relationship with the community DISD chose to move forward and destroy a historical school and neighborhood.

 So, here we are again, working to Stop DISD's needless destruction of a historic school and community. It's not too late.  Please join the movement to stop the rezoning of a residential community for parking lots in-between homes.  Our battle is not over! DISD Lied!  We hope that the cloud of any future demolition can been lifted.

 Some neighbors may have been run out of their homes with illegal threats and intimidation by DISD's contractors working on this twisted project,  but the historic fabric of this abandoned community still stands and will remain strong until the very end.

 Apart from the obvious humor that one part of DISD hasn't a clue about what the other half is doing there is a more disturbing and sinister pattern.  The fact is that fear, uncertainty, and doubt have become weapons in DISD's psychological war on it's own taxpayers to obtain properties.  There is a pattern of attacking the resilience of the community in order to provoke "voluntary" real estate sales to the district.

 The tactic seems to be that while people are uncertain they will fear the worst. As we know fear itself is a potent weapon. Losing your home is one of the worst things that can happen which is why DISD's tactics are the most cynical psychological warfare.

 Please listen.  How many times must we repeat such reckless destruction to our communities, our economy and our citizens before we start paying attention to our history and preparing for our future?  This can happen to you.

 The public clearly wants better leadership, transparency and accountability.  Our voters and taxpayers have a shared vision and we now have an opportunity to see it come to fruition with a new superintendent.  Speak up for better education, better compensation for teachers and preservation of schools and neighborhoods!

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