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Who are the Community Members Targeting Now?


oh no…not Council Member Medrano?
Council Member Medrano was the guest speaker at the August 06, 2010 Meals on Wheels event…and the Community members against Eminent Domain did not give Ms. Medrano a break.
Once Council Member Medrano parked her car the residents turned their signs toward the entrance so, Ms. Medrano could get a really good look at it. 
Mrs. Hernandez approached Ms. Medrano to inquire about the lack of interest she had expressed for the residents.  Ms. Medrano  apologized and explained that she had contacted DISD and tried to schedule a meeting for the residents.

Ms. Medrano expressed that she supported the residents and would help an any way.
***09/17/10 Update Ms. Medrano has not returned e-mails or communicated with the residents.

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