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What Role Does Vickery Wholesale Play in Our Neighborhood?


The Vickery Greenhouse has been a part of the neighborhood and in the same location for 58 years.

If we do the math:

The new O.M. Roberts School will cost  $22 million 511 students are enrolled at O.M. Roberts (including half-day Pre-K). the cost per student comes out to $43,052.83 per student .  (22 million divided by 511 students = $43,052.83 a student)

And the…

  • Vickery pays $37,000.00/yr in Property Tax.
  • Vickery pays $60,000.00/yr in Sales & Use Tax.
  • Vickery’s payroll is $1 million a year approximately $80,000.00/yr in payroll taxes.
  • Vickery pays $10,000.00/yr in Franchise Tax.

And the…

  • Vickery’s customers pay sales tax on $20,000,000.00 in revenues.
  • Vickery’s 3,000 customers pay property taxes.
  • Vickery’s 3,000 customers pay Franchise taxes.
  • Vickery’s 3,000 customers pay payroll taxes.
  • If we lose the Vickery countless people that are currently employed could end up on unemployment.

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