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We SAY NO! to DISD’s Eminent Domain abuse!!


We are winning the fight against Eminent Domain but we still need your help in getting our message through to DISD.

On Friday, August 13, 2010, DISD indicated that it will be taking steps to save a local business and perhaps a few homes from its eminent domain lawsuit. However, DISD also indicated that not all of our homes will be saved and it will carry on with its plans to build a new $22 million dollar O.M. Roberts Elementary school. 

DISD has already spent $2.6 million of our tax dollars when it remodeled O.M. Roberts just two years ago, and they STILL want to tear the school down completely and rebuild – only to bill its taxpayers again!

That doesn’t make economic sense!

In addition to the reckless demolition of a beloved school, DISD has already succeeded in seizing some of the property in its eminent domain lawsuit.  Now DISD is saying that it will keep that property only to demolish those homes to make room for a parking lot – right in the middle of the remaining homes!

A Neighborhood consists of homes, not parking lots!

It’s time for DISD to listen to what its taxpayers are saying:

No! to destroying our neighborhood!  Yes! to utilizing our tax dollars to better educate our children; Yes! to greater compensation for our teachers; and Yes! to preserving our beloved O.M. Roberts and our neighborhood! 

Please join our cause and have your voice be heard.

Provide better education ~ Compensate our Teachers ~ Save our Neighborhood and School!

Thank you for your continued support,
Community members against Eminent Domain

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