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Trust US…NOT!!




Trust us!


"All hearings have been stopped " ~ B. Nutall, DISD Board of Trustee, P. Jimerson, Executive Director of Construction Services, A. Viramontes, DISD Chief of staff


"They’ve stopped all hearings" ~ B.Nutall, DISD Board of Trustee


"Condemnation proceedings would be on hold for six months"  ~ Phil Jimerson, Executive Director of Construction Services


DISD gets an F in math!  With the promised 6 months still counting down, DISD has commenced its court proceedings to seize more properties using the shield of eminent domain.  On May 18, 2010, DISD informed the public that hearings and condemnation proceedings in the Jubilee Park area would be placed on hold for 6 months.  Either they were blatantly telling us lies – again – or their math skills are considerably lacking.  Chances are good both reasons apply!


Trust us!  They told the taxpayers . . .


“We’re here to hear your concerns and to talk about the past, present and future of O.M. Roberts.” ~ Bernadette. Nutall, DISD Board Trustee


But DISD is not listening to the voters and taxpayers . . . we do NOT want to tear down O.M. Roberts! 


Trust us!


“We need to make the best decision for our students, as well as for the community.” ~ Bernadette Nutall, DISD Board Trustee


But demolishing our neighborhood only to pave a concrete wasteland in-between any remaining homes is NOT the best decision for our students or the community!  An improved curriculum and better compensation for our teachers is what's best for our students and community!


Trust us!!


DISD will be “going back and looking at the four or five options.” ~ Arnold Viramontes, DISD Chief of staff


But DISD refuses to state what those "four or five options" are and is instead moving on with its plan to steal our homes for pennies only to then destroy them to create parking lots in-between the remaining homes!


Trust us!!


DISD will be setting up a FAQ section on its website devoted to O.M. Roberts and the new building.  ~ Arnold Viramontes, DISD Chief of staff


Our concerns, suggestions and advise have been e-mailed to DISD numerous times but DISD has yet to respond to any of them!


DISD ~ Trust US the Voters and Taxpayers to educate the public about DISD's Eminent Domain Abuse!


You can make a difference by contacting your local Board Member (links on the right hand side) and let them know we've had enough and will not tolerate the Madness any longer!



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