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Star Hope

White Rock Lake Weekly
Letter to the Editor
March 2. 2012 – March 8, 2012
Dear WRLW:

As you know, council approved DISD's request to rebuild O.M. Roberts Elementary, even though the Dallas ISD board voted to close it.

But there is good news to report. As our battle against DISD progressed, two and 1/2 years later and after losing our newly renovated historical O.M. Roberts and many hours of demonstrating, reaching out to elected officials and suffering the injustice of disrespect, destruction and encroachment into our beloved community for an off site campus parking lot and thermal fields in-between remaining homes, the two parties finally sat down to discuss some serious concerns.

“Trust us,” we were told in response to our concerns. But how could we trust an entity that has closed 11 schools to save tax dollars?

Or how could we trust an entity that promised to make the best decision for our students and community but has done the total opposite?

In a recent Dallas Morning News article, architects, an arborist, city officials and geothermal experts confirmed that other solutions are available on the current school site that will accomplish DISD’s plan for the new school and will keep our children safe within the school grounds.

A well-known architect, Peter Brown, recently voiced the community’s complaints when he said in the article, “They are saying we value cars for PTA night and soccer games and teacher appreciation day more than residences, more than having people in the neighborhood.”

So, Dallas ISD, with the pressure from the media and our Dallas City Council, agreed to reconfigure the plan by removing six lots (four tracks) from the proposal, leaving eight lots (two tracks) in the proposal. This is a huge accomplishment we're told, because DISD never revises their plans.

Mayor Rawlings informs that he will meet with the affected residents and DISD to further explore the remaining issues. So, it's not over yet, the door is still open for us and we go back to the table soon.

Our star of hope remains bright for a future that will once again be filled with a beautiful community. We are committed to continue, as we are a strong and proud community. It is because of these families and their strength and sacrifices the we remain firm in our beliefs.

I'm very proud and honored to be a part of our team.

On behalf of the residents residing in the 4900 block of Philip, Barry and Gurley Avenue, we express our sincere thanks to everyone who has provided support, kindness and compassion.

We are fortunate to have the support of so many caring individuals.

Kind Regards,

Norma Hernandez


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