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Protect the American Dream

The American dream.  We all strive for it and view it as an accomplishment.  Once you own your own home, no one can take it away from you … not in America … right?  Wrong!
 The nightmare began when the residents in Jubilee Park received letters from DISD informing them that there was an interest in our properties and that DISD had eminent domain authority.  It was more like eminent domination as more letters followed along with telephone calls and personal visits threatening the use of eminent domain.   How would you react if this was your home?
A parking lot interspersed with homes and open lots or in other words a checkerboard community, is extremely dangerous for our children’s safety and the request moves away from the residential character we are trying to preserve, and does not conform to the neighborhood.
A permanent threat and worry looms over the residents in Jubilee Park.  Would you want to live with this fear or seek resolution? 
Please be a voice for these residents! Contact you City Council Member today and express your concerns!

Council Member Medrano's contact information is 214-670-4048


Please join us next week as we go before Dallas City Council

When: January 25, 2012

Where:  Dallas City Hall

Time:  1:00 pm 

Please wear white T-shirts ~ Thank you

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