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O.M. Roberts Elementary: DISD Seeks Demolition


DISD Wants to demolish a recently renovated school in East Dallas Despite spending $2.6 Million in renovations, DISD wants to start over. In the year 1909, a great school was built and was named after a jurist and former governor of Texas (1878), Oran Milo Roberts (1815-1889). O.M. Roberts Elementary has survived the sands of time and has made a big impression on its graduating students, many of whom have become great leaders.  The teachers take pride in the history within the walls of O.M. Roberts as well as the knowledge that they are a part of what the exemplary school has to offer. In 2008, O.M. Roberts underwent a 2.6 million dollar renovation at the expense of its taxpayers.  However, on March 30, 2010, the residents were informed by Mr. Phil Jimerson that, despite spending 2.6 million to renovate the school, the Dallas Independent School District will move to demolish O.M. Roberts to make way for a new school at the cost of 22 million dollars. If DISD has its way, after 104 years of service to its students and community, O.M. Roberts will become a memory in the year 2013. Please help preserve our history by saving O.M. Roberts Elementary from the impending demolition.

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