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Not Jubilant Yet


White Rock Lake Weekly  ~ Letter to the Editor

Dear Nancy:

Thank you so much to you for all your help in getting our story out.

Nancy, the rumors started Thrusday and by (lucky) Friday the 13th Board of Trustee Bernadette Nutall confirmed [about Vickery Wholesale being saved from demolition]…that was the best news ever!

We send out our congratulations to Vickery we are elated for Vickery and our community but, our battle continues as we press forward to save our entire neighborhood.

It was confirmed that Vickery and only three homes are spared on Philip Street.  Ms. Nutall informed me that they are working on saving the other homes that were not sold but, they are taking it one step at a time she said.

Ms. Nutall informed me that DISD is planning on putting in parking lots and or play grounds in-between the spared homes all we want is peace and tranquility we ask for our entire neighborhood to be saved not pieces of our neighborhood so, again  we're setting our eye on the goal, will run with it and never look back until we reach our goal of saving our complete neighborhood.

Thank you again, Nancy for all you are doing to help us.


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