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Love is….Golden



Dear Nancy,

Love is Golden – There are years – and then there's THE year, 1962. This is a remembrance and celebration of Rolando and Angie Lozano’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.

The year was 1962 – fifty years ago, which seems like it was yesterday. There were some great events in history, like John Glenn orbiting the Earth. It was also the year of the Beatles, and the mighty Hulk made his debut in 1962. Think about how long 50 years is! Now the transforming gigantic, green mutant is part of several incredible big budget movies.

A childhood friendship blossomed into teenage love, and after an eight-year courtship, a wedding ceremony was conducted on June 24, 1962. While the Tour de France cycle race began, the beautiful couple joined hands in matrimony. Fifty years later, the devoted pair is always seen holding hands, and the love they still show each other and to their children is an inspiration to all who know them. One of many amazing observations as we were growing up is that our parents have always been very passionate about the value of giving, and they were very generous with their time and warm-heartedness. The majority of my positive traits came directly from observing my parents. My father taught us loyalty, honesty, enthusiasm, humor and hard work. My mother taught us kindness, generosity, faith, patience and steadfastness in loving. My parentsÌ“ compassion and generosity is legendary in the community. We’re certainly blessed that my sister and I can say that our parents are truly our heroes. Over the years, the couple said, the key to their longevity has been love, dedication and loyalty. Don’t get me wrong Mr. Lozano said, “We’ve had our fair share of life’s ups and downs, like the recent struggle against the Dallas ISD who was trying to take our home, but we’ve managed to always comfort, communicate, and honor each otherÌ“s hopes, dreams and wishes.” The couple said that they once heard that “When a man is born, he is only born as half a person.” They said, “As he grows up, the other half – kindness and personality and much more is in a woman. Once he meets and marries that woman, he becomes whole.” Mr. Lozano said, “I make her whole, and she makes me whole." Proof that you do have a better half.

Observing a young couple in love is a joy, but observing an aging couple in love is bliss. The glue that binds my parents together is love and devotion. They have embraced their marriage for 50 years, with love, friendship and compromise, and this certainly calls for a celebration. Let’s say congrats to this beautiful and amazing couple! They deserve the Best Married award for a long and successful marriage. “Cheers!”

In Joy, In Peace, In Harmony of Love,

Norma Hernandez

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