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Jubilee Park residents fight DISD with comic strip


Nancy Visser, Dallas Morning News Blog – Jubilee Park residents have used a variety of tactics to try to stop DISD from taking homes and a neighborhood business to build a new O.M. Roberts Elementary School on an expanded campus. DISD says building on the old site is best for students who walk to school and would displace a smaller number of residents than other proposed locations.

But the residents don't agree. They've appealed directly to DISD administers, spoken before a variety of elected officials, and protested outside the school administration building on Ross Avenue. They've advocated moving the school to a different location over fears that the soil or the water at the old site might be too polluted to safely rebuild there. They say the students will be in danger at the old site if nearby Interstate 30 is expanded someday. They say the old building is historic and should be preserved.

Now, they have another tool: a comic strip (see below) that depicts DISD as a monster with a lust for land. Norma Hernandez, who is fighting to save her parents' home, said her husband is a friend of Jake Ewing of Awesome Comics, who created the comic for them. Hernandez said she colored it herself.

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