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This Thanksgiving DISD continues with a twisted plan


At Thanksgiving, Americans reflect on their blessings and hope for gatherings of togetherness and unity.  The residents in East Dallas known as Jubilee Park have peace, harmony and thankfulness in their hearts because the community all united to save their neighborhood as DISD came in with a plan to destroy their entire community.  

The Community Members against eminent domain pushed back and the results were dramatic they have put a stop to eminent domain abuse in their neighborhood but, this Thanksgiving they still face fears for  DISD now continues with a twisted plan of demolishing the properties that DISD stole during the six months stay for parking lots and or play grounds in-between their homes.  Neighborhoods consist of homes not parking lots!

Please help be a part of the solution and put a stop to DISD’s wasteful spending.  We the voters and taxpayers demand better education for our children and better compensation for our teachers. Please contact your DISD Board Member at 972-925-3700 (or click on the links below to send them an e-mail) and let them know that this Thanksgiving we ask for peace and harmony in Jubilee Park and all  neighborhoods being affected by DISD’s twisted plans.

Thank you for your Support

See DISD's plan below


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