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Hear us Out




Song by Sean Graves

Music by Steve Paul Productions

 We support DISD’s efforts to bring the best education to the students attending O.M. Roberts and   welcome the opportunity to meet with DISD and a design team that would work with us to further explore an urban school plan that would protect our students and neighborhood.

 The District does not seem to take into account children’s safety, as its plans for a parking lot and geo-thermal fields interspersed with area homes seems extremely dangerous.

We’ve faced many changes in the last year, such as the loss of our historic building and neighbors, the threat of eminent domain, our trees and re-zoning, a looming threat over our property rights, and the loss of living peacefully as homeowners. 

The proposed rezoning request moves away from the residential character we are trying to preserve, and does not conform to the neighborhood or reflect our communities goals to rebuild and revitalize  the vacant lots with homes filled with children and families.

 If DISD is given the green light to further encroach into our community time will only tell if the intrusion into the community, tree removal and rezoning change has a disastrous effect on the children, families and neighborhood. 

 A big thank you to everyone that’s been sending in your ideas we thank you for your support and for listening!

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