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Could your community be next?


February 20, 2012

KHVN's Dr. Robert Ashley interview's Ms. Shawn Busari about Jubilee Park's continuing struggle against DISD's plan to destroy the American dream.  Could your community be next?

Placing a parking lot interspersed within area homes is not only reckless but irrespective of our rights as property owners. Our neighborhood’s growth has already been grossly stunted in that families  who would have relocated to our area will now be forced to go elsewhere because of the checkerboard community DISD has created.  If DISD is permitted to rezone a portion of our neighborhood, we will not be the only one’s who suffer.  Funding for Jubilee Center will decrease, local businesses will lose consumer spending from new families, and the City of Dallas will face a Significant decrease in property tax collection. 

 Listen to Ms. Busari's interview and learn how you can help!

Please join us this Wednesday February 22, 2012 at Dallas City Hall at 1:00 pm to show your support! 

Listen Here:

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