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DISD Lies, Cheats and Steals!


For three years we’ve been engaged in a fight to protect our homes, community and American dream.

Displayed at DISD’s headquarters is a list of Commitments.  Commitment #7 reads:  Support partnerships with community for achieving excellence.”  Yet DISD’s plan to encroach upon a neighborhood is a direct contradiction to its own Commitment no one at DISD is thinking of the long term affects.  Architects are hard pressed to comprehend how parking lots and learning gardens in between homes would be considered “safe” for the children".

Trustees, Superintendents and staff have become masters of slippery promises ditching responsibility, mistakes and pawning the districts failures off on their predecessors but, isn’t this entities foundation based on integrity?

Jubilee Park residents go before the Dallas ISD Board to express how they feel.

Listen to their speech here: DISD04.26.12

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