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Residents in the Jubilee Park Community have been through a lot together. They’ve been battling DISD’s  bulldozers for over a year now  and thought the battle was over in November, but the truth behind the curtain of corruption brings light to DISD’s Land Grab plan and the Jubilee Park Neighborhood Development Strategy Plan.

 The residents think of the journey they’ve experienced and are angered and disappointed with DISD’s lack of transparency, untruthfulness and wasteful spending.   We’ve been through a lot to save our homes the residents say.  But this tale is not over yet.  The residents are again trying to rescue their homes and community as DISD initiated plans to proceed taking nearby homes, only to demolish the homes to pave in parking lots in-between the remaining homes.

These residents say the will continue the journey and will not turn back on the battle ahead of them.  The residents say DISD seems to be more concerned over spending tax dollars on a parking lot than concentrating on better education for our students.

You can become part of the movement and join them TO SHOW YOUR DISAPPROVAL OF DISD’S WASTEFUL SPENDING DECISIONS please take a few minutes to send personal emails or letters to each one of Board Members.

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