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Yesterday, February 24, 2014, Dallas ISD Trustee Solis, Superintendent Miles, Council Member Adam Medrano and Walter Humann, a representative from Jubilee Center joined students, staff and community members met at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the dedication of O. M. Roberts Elementary School.

While the celebration took place, Superintendent Miles and Council Member Medrano turned a blind eye to the affected community living in O.M. Roberts’ shadow, while ignoring the communities constant struggles against DISD bullying tactics.  In my dreams, I have seen a united community brimming with hope and happiness.  Also, in my dreams I see representatives as models for the values of honesty, compassion, integrity and respect, not only in their words but also in their actions.

Sadly, our children are taught to follow in DISD’s same principles and the learning lessons and images of destruction and bullying remain real in Jubilee Park.   As  Jubilee Center and DISD celebrated they closed their ears to the cries for help from families that were displaced and/or left homeless.  As DISD officials celebrated they overlooked the neighborhood and homes that they approved for demolishment.  They ignored the parking lot that sits where homes once stood and the trees that no longer stand amongst a once vibrant community.  They failed to notice the checkerboard community they created and plowed down leaving it in the midst of destruction.  Despite massive pressure from architects, environmental groups and local community organizations, these officials kept silent as their actions divided a community while knowing that there was substantial evidence made public proving other solutions were available that would of benefited our children, school and community.

I cannot begin to wrap my mind around any kind of reason as to why these individuals chose to be oblivious to the facts and cruel to the very community that supports DISD.  The phrase “to turn a blind eye” applies when an undesirable truth exists but one opts to ignore it.  Such ignorance can be covert by simply refusing to see it, or overt by means of a totally contrary declaration hoping the listener gives it greater weight over what exists.  It takes a special leader to have a lot of courage to do the right thing.  A hanging plaque at DISD headquarters reads “We believe that our school district must be a model for sound fiscal responsibility and integrity.” But, our taxpaying citizens were victimized and intimidated by DISD’s tactics. Teaching respect, generosity of spirit, and honesty should be paramount at DISD.  Moreover, turning a blind eye to the reality of what the affected residents continue to endure and to the lessons taught to our children, proves the fact that there is much failure in our school system.



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