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Deaf to Mother Nature’s Cries


On the Eve of Earth Day, the affected Jubilee Park residents began plating flowers as a simple way to celebrate the environment with a mission to teach the importance of preserving this beautiful blue marble we call Earth to the next generation.  Families worked to clean litter from their yards and community.  But recent unfortunate events gave this community a particular cause to reflect on their homes, trees and community.  Recently, a disturbing chain of events of damage has been done to this community and how much more they will endure is unknown for now.  Dallas ISD’s negative impacts linger on.  Elected officials are elected to act in their constituents best interest, and to steer away from promoting destruction of homes, trees and lives. Sadly, for this community Dallas ISD’s elected officials were deaf to mother nature and their constituents’ cries even on Earth day.

There is no justification to keep on destroying our beloved community.  If we all are to observe Earth Day, let’s accomplish action to preserve, not to despair.

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