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Community Matters


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a well-known comic book artist helps the affected Jubilee Park community with artistic ventures that spread a powerful message of hope, inspiration and education.

For the past few months Brian Delaney, creator of The Silver Sparrow and WMN,  has been working diligently on his latest creation and the results are stunning!  Brian’s passion for art and drawing is apparent to all who read his comic books.  He is a shining example of a person that practices what he preaches by opening his heart and talent to peace, balance and harmony.   For example, like a real-life Superhero, Brian sprang into action when he learned that certain members of the affected Jubilee Park Community were clouded by unanswered questions.  They felt crushed under the weight of unspeakable pain and gravity of injustice but his perseverance with artistic ventures illustrate his single-mindedness .   One of the often cited strengths of a comic book artist is the tendency to join forces when others are in need.  So, for what began as a simple sketching promptly transformed into a journey of exploration into the soul filled, with threading’s of imagery weaved around the pursuit of justice.  Brian’s spiritual odyssey and personal vision not only raises awareness but also serves as a call to action and inspiration to others who receive his time, skills and artworks as donations.  In this piece, his vision and imagination recognizes the importance of having roots, family and memories tied to a physical place, while also promoting a peaceful display versus a combative spirit.   Based on an alternate reality of what “should have been” in Jubilee Park, with positive energies of healing and creativity, his hope is to change the outcome in other communities facing similar issues.   Sometimes the greatest gifts often are not things… today the journey continues, and as time passes, this imprint will not be diminished by time and will only continue to give many the opportunity to exercise their beliefs with faith, hope, healing and inspiration.

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