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Blame DISD


For the Crisis in Dallas..TEACHERS are getting fired, while DISD continues to waste our tax dollars on building new schools! DISD’s construction friends won’t see any shortage of funds coming in. No pay cuts for them! 


**Note Millions of our tax dollars were used to renovate some schools like O.M. Roberts, but now these schools are scheduled for demolition! In addition to the reckless demolition of the O.M. Roberts school DISD is planning to put in parking lots / playgrounds in-between homes. More tax dollars wasted to demolish and destroy a neighborhood only to put in a concrete wasteland!


There are alternate plans, but DISD refuses to consider them instead they rather waste our tax dollars!


We do NOT want to keep paying for unnecessary new schools and renovations when the state of DISD’s education system is still in dire need of its own repair.   Tell DISD we want them to focus on improving the quality of education for our students and work on preserving jobs for our teachers and increasing the compensation for our teachers NOT destroying our historical schools and neighborhoods!


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