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Joyful Jubilee


White Rock Lake Weekly

January 7 – 13, 2011

Letters to the Editor

Dear White Rock Lake Weekly:

This holiday brings the much harsher reality of life for many in the East Dallas community known as Jubilee Park despite the Christmas morning biting temperatures and cold winds volunteers spent the morning handing out a little Christmas cheer to Senior citizens and other residents who need it most.  Over fifty families had a warm breakfast on Christmas day, thanks to Ms. Shawn Busari who organized the event, and with the help of many volunteers families were provided a warm breakfast and a joyful Christmas greeting. 

Low-income seniors are really struggling in this economy, barely surviving on a fixed income while the cost of food, health care and medication triples. Often, they must choose between eating, taking medication and having a place to live.  We bring more than just a hot meal we stay and chat for a couple of minutes.  They'll tell us stories about how Christmas used to be like when they were growing up.   The volunteers feel good about helping. "It gives us a feeling of really knowing we're helping our friends and neighbors"  Ms. Busari said. "And even though they might not be our relatives by blood, these are amazing people with dreams, passions and desires that we know in our community and we want to be a blessing to them"  

We graciously thank all the individuals and businesses who volunteered, donated and made it a memorable Christmas for all.  "Without their hard work and dedication to help others, we would not have been able to fulfill our Christmas dream"  Ms. Busari said.


Norma Hernandez


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