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Teaching to touch Lives 4 Ever


Her name was Ms. Brown, an elementary school teacher at O.M. Roberts in Dallas, Texas. At eight, her students would trickle in half awake, but her enthusiasm was so contagious that she opened our eyes to an extraordinary power that awoke to grow young minds.

During my time in Ms. Brown’s classroom, I saw a teacher whose tireless passion and commitment to inspire a love of learning filled the entire classroom; one who not only equipped her students with college skills, but also motivated us to reach for any dream we may have had; she joked and would give high fives before high fives were cool, she was a devoted teacher who was filled with a balance of discipline and caring, and who treated each of us as if we were the most important little person in the entire school.

Today, on National Teacher Appreciation week, we recognize so many contributions of these devoted professionals who ensure that our children accomplish great goals.  Oftentimes, our teachers don’t get the thanks they have earned.  Let’s make a difference and change that…don’t wait…Give gratitude!

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